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Putting a Poetry Collection Together

Getting Your Poet’s House in Order You’ve built up a lot of poems, on a range of themes and subjects; maybe over a long period of time. You may also have taken a break from writing poetry and come back to it again. You’ve now got a selection of poetry some of which may be handwritten, some printed out and some sitting in random desktop files.  What do you do with them?  We’ve taken a look at lots of different advice from a range of people and come up with […]

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Out of the Bag by Sean Maguire

Poetry has been the outlet that Sean has used to express himself since he was nine years old. Born in England to Irish immigrant parents, Sean experienced what he believes to be religious indoctrination and miss-education. Poetry helped him deal with the frustration of what he saw as a society perpetrated and controlled by a mainstream media. These early poems were not lost to time, they were saved and some are still performed if you ask Sean to do so. Later in life, Sean performed his poetry at many events, […]

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