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Proof-Reading – Our Top 5 Tips

They say you are your own worst critic. And in some ways, that can be the case. However, sometimes editing your own work can be hard and you miss out on little details that can make or break your piece of writing. Here are some of our top tips for proof-reading: Print it People read differently on screen and on paper, so print out a copy of your writing. If you read aloud, your ear might catch errors that your eye may have missed. Homonyms Homonyms are words that share […]

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Books on Writing. A Few Favourites

We know there are tonnes of books out there ranging from the preachy to the overly technical, about writing. There are books which are near evangelical or which give writing as a spiritual gift. Whatever works for you, I suppose. There are also books which help you get off the sofa and up to the writing desk/table/laptop/notebook (take your pick) to actually write. Once you’re there, there are books to help you when you put pen to paper. Some would say that the best preparation for writing is reading. This […]

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Looking After Your Writing When You Self-Publish

There’s a lot to consider when you take the plunge as a self-published writer. Perhaps “taking the plunge” isn’t the right phrase, as diving in may not be the best tactic. If you are eager to get your work out there, there are probably a few things you need to consider before rushing to print. There are things you just have to do when you self-publish. You spent a lot of time writing your book. You need to look after it. Treat it right. Give it the respect it deserves. Carefully […]

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