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Looking After Your Writing When You Self-Publish

There’s a lot to consider when you take the plunge as a self-published writer. Perhaps “taking the plunge” isn’t the right phrase, as diving in may not be the best tactic. If you are eager to get your work out there, there are probably a few things you need to consider before rushing to print. There are things you just have to do when you self-publish. You spent a lot of time writing your book. You need to look after it. Treat it right. Give it the respect it deserves. Carefully […]

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Marketing Your Book – A Guide to Getting Going

Maybe you’ve written your book. Maybe you’re only starting out on the writer’s road. Whether you haven’t put pen to paper yet, or are in the final stages of editing, you need to think about how people will find out about your work. Books need to be marketed and book marketing can take some hard but rewarding work. Even if your main slant in life is creative, this does not preclude your from getting involved in promotion of your work. If you’re a self-published author too, you’ll realise that you […]

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Self-Publishing. A Guide to Getting Started

Self-Publishing – What You need to Know So you’re thinking of self-publishing your novel, memoir, poetry or business book, or any book for that matter. You’re wondering what to do next. We’ve come up with a guide to getting your book self-published and seen. You may be going it alone or working with a self-publishing company like In the main, the information below is for those of you who chose to self-publish using the services of a recognised self-publisher. Why Do you want to Self-Publish? First of all it’s probably […]

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