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Interview – Aidan Feeney, Author of “Luciano’s Café”

Today we’re talking to Aidan Feeney, the author of Luciano’s Café, who worked with us recently to bring his book to life. Here is what he had to say about his book, the writing experience and self publishing his novel. “At the time I wrote Luciano’s Café I was working as a night watchman so it was ideal for writing as there were no distractions. The book itself was quickly written as the ideas were just flashing like light bulbs in my head. There were times when I couldn’t see […]

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My Watchmaker’s Time by Joe Clarke

Joe Clarke’s first novel, Mirrors Don’t Tell Lies, was almost 6 years in the making having undergone a series of rewrites in the process. His latest publication, My Watchmaker’s Time, followed along in a similar vein although taking a year or so less to complete. This week I had a quick chat with Joe about his new novel from “Once finished I had no real ambition to publish either works but subsequently gave in to family promptings,” Joe said, “I felt, at the time, that something as beautiful as […]

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Abandoned Darlings

Ruth Quinlan, one of the members of NUIG’s Masters in Writing group which produced the collection Abandoned Darlings, caught up with this week and discussed how the book came about, starting with how her interest in writing first began. “When I was younger,” said Ruth, “I was a real bookworm, staying up all night devouring books until the grey hours of morning. I had always been interested in writing as well, dabbling with a few evening courses but never really making much headway because I was too focused on […]

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