Sales and Promotion

We offer several services and products to help you to sell your book. We have a dedicated online bookshop, including ePublishing service and we also provide various print promotion materials.


Books on the bestsellers shelfThose who have published a book will tell you that the hardest part of the process was getting the books into the bookshops. If people can’t buy your book, then you won’t be able to get your money back. This is why we set up a dedicated website www.lettertecbooks.com to enable authors to sell their books online. When your book is printed, we can keep a few copies in our factory and put them online. If customers buy your book, we will post it out to them.

We don’t send books at a discount to distributors or bookshops via this method.

Press Releases

Your book is designed and printed, so how do you let people know about it? One option is by issuing  a press release for your book. A press release tells newspapers and radio stations all about you, your book and why they should be interested in it. We work with one of Ireland’s leading PR experts to create a unique press release for you. Which will get you noticed and add to your sales

The journalist will create a professional press release for you. This piece will be sent to you for approval and your comments or suggestions will be implemented.

The press release will then be sent to both local and national media with the aim of getting publicity for your book or book launch and possibly even a book review or interview. You own the press release and can send it to your own contacts as well.

  • Press Releases Price – €200

Contact us today

Call us today to discuss your book on 021 488 3370 or email us at info@selfpublishbooks.ie. We look forward to hearing from you.

A4 posters

A4 posters are a great way of promoting your book launch in your local area. You can pin them or stick them up in local shops, noticeboards or on the window of a bookshop that is selling your book. A4 is the size that most shops prefer. We can provide posters that show off your book and give you room to write in text, giving the date, time and venue of your launch or book signing event.

  • 100 A4 full colour posters €120
  • 200 A4 full colour posters €140


The best way to get people to go to your book event is to give them, or send them a printed invitation. We provide invitations printed on card paper. The invitations will have an image of your book on one side and details of the event on the other side. There will be room for you writing an extra note and the person’s name.

  • 100 = €120
  • 200 = €140

Business cards

Business cards are handy to exchange details with bookshops, editors and fellow authors. You should add the following details to your business cards, your name, phone number, email and website. If you are active on social media, we recommend putting those details on the card too and encourage people to follow you on those sites.

  • 100 = €120
  • 200 = €150