Reasons to Self-publish

There are many good reasons to self-publish your book. Here are seven reasons why self-publishing may be perfect.

1. Short print runs

They may only require 50 or 100 copies. With our print technology, we can provide this unique service to them.

2. Testing the market

Because the book may fill a niche that has not been met, they can test the market by self-publishing. Find out how well the book will sell, and how successful it will be. They may also want a number of review copies to present to publishing houses.

3. A limited market

The book may appeal to a limited market (e.g. local history or sports club etc.) and, therefore, may not be of interest to a large publishing house.

4. Time

Traditional publishing generally takes much longer, traditional publishers work on long production cycles. Choose to self-publish book and it could be ready for the market within just four weeks.

5. Your book – the way you want it

A book is a reflection of the author. Self-publishing gives them complete control on the direction of the book. The decisions are theirs exclusively and not limited by third parties with interests and intentions that differ from their own.

6. Retain all rights

As a self-publisher, they own all rights to their book. If you use a traditional publishing house, they will own all rights. They may decide to stop printing and distributing it and you will not be allowed to print additional copies until you purchase the rights back. We simply produce your book, you retain all the rights.

7. Re-ordering

We store the book digitally which means we can reprint it at any time in the future.