Printing and Binding

Beautifully created books in hardback or paperback, in the quantity you want and in the timeframe you need.

Book Printing

We work closely with you to create the book you want. One of the advantages of working with selfpublishbooks.ie is that we are more than just a publishing company. Unlike most, we guarantee the quality of your book as our award winning company Lettertec does all of our printing, so we can guarantee print time and quality. We offer a range of services when it comes to producing your book.

  • We can print as few as 100 books, but also do smaller print runs on request.
  • You can re-order books as you go along as your sales go up. Take away the guesswork.
  • We are printing experts with a state of the art facility, where we will produce your book.
  • Choose Munken paper (cream or white), or Bond/Offset papers in varying weights. We’ll tailor your book to your needs.
  • We produce high quality colour and photobooks. Colour pages are one of our specialities.

Contact us to talk about your book. Our experts will be delighted to guide you through the process of creating a book you’ll be proud of.

Paperback and Hardback Book Binding

Our purpose built bindery offers a range book binding options for your books or booklets; perfect binding, saddle stitching (booklets), square-spine saddle stitching, hard case book binding and Ota-binding. Ota-binding is a process that will allow your finished book to open flat for easy reading. To read more about this process, please read this blog post on Ota-binding.

Our paperback book covers are printed on a 380 micron 265gm cover board that is gloss coated on one side, and can also be matt or gloss laminated. Hardback books are printed and laminated on 140gm paper, and wrapped around 1800 micron cover boards and bound in with 140gm end papers. End papers can also be printed, or use coloured paper.

We print and manufacture all of our hardback books in-house, and therefore we can also offer a wide range of options for both printed covers or durable material with gold or silver foil blocking and a dust jacket. We can also split your total book order quantity between paperback and hardback in whatever ratio you decide.

Contact us today

Call us today to discuss your book on 021 488 3370 or email us at info@selfpublishbooks.ie. We look forward to hearing from you.

Book Printing and Binding Costs

The prices below are for our printing and binding services only, for book sizes up to ‘C’ on Munken Cream or Munken White paper.

Standard ‘C’ size paperback books are 135mm x 216mm (‘B’ is 130mm x 198mm and ‘A5’ is 148mm x 210mm).

Once you have your final approved PDF and cover artwork, this is what it will cost to print and Ota-bind your book with a full colour paperback cover (265gm cover board) and black & white text pages on Munken Print White or Cream, or 100gm Bond.

 60 pages80 pages100 pages120 pages140 pages160 pages180 pages200 pages240 pages
100 Books496514532551569587605623660
200 Books6837207566658298659019381,010
300 Books8719259791,0341,0881,1421,1971,2521,361
400 Books1,0581,1301,2021,2751,3471,4201,4931,5651,740
500 Books1,2451,3361,4271,5181,6091,7901,7901,8812,063

Please note the above pricing table is for printing and binding only, and does not include an initial artwork check and set up charge of €70. Please add €65 for matt or gloss lamination. Please contact us for shipping costs.

Hardback Book Binding Prices

As a general guideline, for total order quantities up to 200 books, please add approximately €3.00 per hardback book to the pricing above. For quantities from 300 to 500 add €2.50 and quantities above 500 add €2.

Please remember that while your cost of producing hardbacks is higher than that of paperbacks, hard cover case bound books do command a much higher retail market price which facilitates considerably more profit for you, the author, and are the preferred format when signing and selling copies at your book launch.