Legal Deposit

What is an ISBN

An ISBN (International Standard Book Number) is a product number, displayed in the form of a barcode, used by publishers, booksellers and libraries for ordering, listing and stock control purposes.

Do I need an ISBN?

If you want to sell your book with retail outlets such as Easons and Waterstones, then yes you will, as it is a requirement for their submission procedures. If you plan on selling it locally at a launch or directly from yourself, then you don’t need one.

What is the legal deposit?

It is the statutory obligation on publishers and distributors to deposit at least one copy of every publication, free of charge to designation legal deposit libraries.

What is the benefit of legal deposit?

It enables the nation’s published output is collected and becomes part of the national heritage. Deposited materials are made available to members of the libraries and ensures that publications are safeguarded for future generations to learn from and enjoy.

What are the legal deposit libraries?

  • Trinity College Dublin
  • The British Library
  • The National Library of Ireland
  • Dublin City University
  • NUI Galway
  • NUI Maynooth
  • UCD
  • University College Cork
  • University of Limerick
  • Also required on request
  • The Bodleian Library, University of Oxford
  • Cambridge University Library
  • The National Library of Scotland, Edinburgh
  • The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth

A total of 13 copies are required for this process

What are my options?

Option 1: Don’t get an ISBN

Option 2: If you get an ISBN, we can organise the Legal Deposit Requirement for you by taking the 13 copies out of your print order and sending them to the libraries, the cost for this is €100, this price includes the ISBN and freight.

Option 3: We will organise the Legal Deposit Requirement for you, but you order extra copies of your book, so that you get your full order.