As self-publishing experts, we understand eBooks and their importance in the world of readers. If you want to have an eBook along with your printed copy, just talk to us about creating or distributing a great quality product for you.

Ebook creation


We can prepare your book for e-publishing, making it available to download on mobile devices such as Kindle, iPad and Android tablets. Contact us for pricing. Our eBook service is available to as an added extra to print client rather than a standalone service.

When we are formatting your book for printing, we can also set it up for an eBook, which could give you a new revenue source. Ebook editions of a book require an extra ISBN which we can provide.

If we printed a book for you in the past and you want an eBook version of the book, we can also accommodate you.

Some books are more difficult and time consuming to turn into an ebook, especially ones that contain a lot of images such as cookbooks and sporting history books.

Once the eBook is made, you are free to upload the book yourself to the various eBook retailers.

Contact us today

Call us today to discuss your book on 021 488 3370 or email us at info@selfpublishbooks.ie. We look forward to hearing from you.