Filming Model Scenery – Joseph Holland

Title: Filming Model Scenery, In Fluid Life Size Perspective Author: Joseph Holland From scale motorsport and running battles to filming your own model of the quaint backwater Branch Railway line that closed down in real life years ago, this book offers some advice on how to screen it to a wider audience as your own film producer. Photography book

The photobook, the seventh photography yearbook, is a collaborative effort: showcasing the work of many talented photographers from the photography forum from the past year. All of the profits from the sale of this book go to the Santa Strike Force Charity. Santa Strike Force is a charity that anonymously buys and distributes cool stuff for kids to hospitals and care centres around Christmas time, just like Santa does. The photography forum is the area of …

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From Breast to Marrow-Bone, Marie Monnelly

My mother developed breast cancer when she was thirty eight. She died four years later. I was eleven, the oldest of her four children. I felt I could cope with anything life would throw at me, except developing the same cancer as she had. However, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. In 2013 I was told the cancer had metastasised into all my bones and bone marrow. My book begins with memories of my mother, her illness and …

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The Puck Poets – A selection of Poetry & Song spanning three centuries

The Puck Poets is a selection of poetry & song composed about Killorglin, its people and the surrounding townlands. Featuring over sixty unique poetic and lyrical compositions, spanning three centuries. This comprehensive collection of works offers the reader a unique insight into the social and literary history of Killorglin. Proceeds from this book will be used to support The Screaming Pope Prize for Emerging Arts and Killorglin Archive Society. It was compiled and edited by Conor Browne

Kilbehenny Anglesboro Parish Magazine 2010 – 2014

This local magazine/journal is published every four to five years and features information and articles on all aspects of the local Kilebehenny-Anglesboro area. The first magazine was produced in 1973 by the Col. John O’Mahony branch of Macra na Tuaithe. That was the youth club and they were all teenagers. Topics in this edition include folk tales, sporting events, drama and many others. A fantastic record for the people of the area and those that have left the area to …

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The One-Eyed Fox and Other Short Stories

Cork County Library’s From the Well series is now a well-established annual publication that has its origins in the Bealtaine Festival, dating back to 2004. The anthology is the end product of the short story competition held every year by the Library and Arts service, a celebration of the best in literary creativity, comprised of the winning story and the other nineteen shortlisted entries. This year, the competition was based on the theme of light, to mark the UN International Year …

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Valentia. A Different Irish Island

About the book Valentia is in South West Kerry, next parish America. In the 19th and 20th centuries, it was very different from other west coast islands because it had three main industries: fishing, slate quarrying and communications. These blended to form a unique social mix. As well as farmers and fishermen, the island had quarry men, engineers, cable technicians, radio officers, meteorological staff, and a resident landlord, the Knight of Kerry. Valentia. A Different Island is an account of …

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Finding the Family

By Francesca Lundstrom How I wish I had asked the questions I am asking now when the people who could have answered them were still alive. Then I could flesh out the story of the paternal ancestry, particularly my Swedish paternal grandfather from Co. Mayo, Ireland, Eliza (Lizzie) Flynn (e) and their ten children. Much of the detail of their backgrounds has been shrouded in mystery to me and for many years, I have wanted to explore this side of …

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Pup for the Boreen – Pete Duffy

Pete Duffy is a natural storyteller and his voice on the page is nearly miraculous in capturing the natural sound of his native and beloved city. -Ying-Tai Chang, author of ‘The Bear Whispers To Me’ and recipient of the 2015 Lennox Robinson Award. Pete Duffy displays a casual flair for spinning yarns that conceals a great dedication to the craft. To make writing look as easy as taking air on a summer’s morning is one of the greatest gifts that …

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Existentiell is about that struggle with trying to make sense of our place in the world, that existential crisis born of faith, hope, love, truth, reality, dogma, perception, conviction, passion, obsession, half-truths, half-thoughts, misreadings and misunderstandings, a quasi-philiosophical fumbling through meta-modernism and the ethnomethodology of underground metal, “a kind of informed naivety, a pragmatic idealism.” A search to discover who we are.