Midleton Miscellany

Anyone that has ever visited the bustling town of Midleton Co. Cork knows what a busy, vibrant and progressive town it is. Even during the worst parts of the recession, the streets were busy and the restaurants kept opening, the farmers market provided the locals with fresh produce and the areas around the town brought in visitors, both national and international. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that within the town, there is a welcoming and talented writing group. …

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Evel America

Evel America  by Wasps vs Humans Following the success of his first novel, ‘The Mattress’ in 2016, Performance punk poet Wasps vs Humans is set to publish his latest material in the form of a novella, when he releases ‘Evel America’ on Friday March 15, 2019. The launch takes place at the Firkin Crane Theatre, on Thursday, March 14th at 6.30 pm. Evel America takes the reader on an exploration into the mind of the story’s protagonist, Bobby America. A name …

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19 Randells Avenue

Title: 19 Randells Avenue Author: Jack Byrne Cover illustration: Seán Curran Author Portrait: Tony G Murray Photography, Naas Most inspiration for stories and books come from the author’s life and experiences, or through other books that they have read, this isn’t the case with Jack Byrne’s first book, 19 Randells Avenue. He was inspired by a very vivid dream that he had, unlike most of us who quickly forget the dreams we have, Jack quickly wrote down everything that he could …

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Writers in Residence: Anne McSweeney

Anne McSweeney, a Cobh-Based Cork writer, has had many of her works published with us and we’re thrilled to work with her on a regular basis.

From short stories to local history, Anne puts her own spin on Cobh culture with a distinct voice and famous Corkonian lilt.

Here is some of the work we have published for Anne.

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Reprint: Fr. James Good

Due to popular demand, we are happy to announce that the late Fr James Goods book have been reprinted. You can now purchase copies exclusively on our online bookshop www.lettertecbooks.com 10 Birthdays – A Story of the Turkana Desert “Muirne, an Irish nurse working in the desert, falls in love with a local warrior. She marries him, and brings him home to an Irish island. After some happy years, they drift apart, and eventually she seeks a decree of nullity in …

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Book Launch: “No Name” by The Scattered Scribblers

This week, we have a very exciting book launch to tell you about. No Name is a collection of poetry compiled by The Scattered Scribblers, a writing group from Charleville, Co. Cork The book is comprised of poems by Donal O’Flynn, Sr. Bernadette Knopek, Fiona Fitzpatrick, David Gormley and Máire Kelly. They sales of this books will go to raise funds for Focus Ireland, a very worthy cause that assists the homeless. All Profits from the book will be given …

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“Irish Women Speak” by Alison Wickham

Irish History is vast and rich, and none know that better than the people of rural Ireland. They carry stories of the past with them like old friends. Alison Wickham’s book, ‘Irish Women Speak’, is no exception. It is a fascinating account about the lives of women from the town and hinterlands of Clonakilty. The 240-page collection spans decades of tales on career, family and heritage from more than 36 women, aged 35 to 95. About the book The collection …

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“The Rediscovery of UC-42” by Philip Johnston

Philip Johnston recently published “The Rediscovery of UC-42” , which launches this Thursday, November 30th in Cork City Library on Grand Parade, Cork City. We asked Philip about his love of diving and the sea, history and the launch. The Start  “I learned to dive in 1993 and since then I have learned a lot about diving,” he says. “Over the years I did some diving exams and in 2011 I became a First Class Diver with the BSAC the …

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