A History of Ploughing in County Galway

Title: A History of Ploughing in County Galway Author: Tom Fahey   In this unique book – the first of its kind in Ireland – Trustee and former chair of the National Ploughing Association (NPA), Tom Fahey expolers the rich heritage of competitive ploughing in County Galway. In addition to tracing the origins of ploughing right back to prehistoric times, Tom tells the fascinating story behind the evolution of the ploughing match from the early nineteenth century right through to …

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Ghosts of Doneraile

Title: Ghosts of Doneraile, An Illustrated Guide to the most haunted town in Ireland Authors: Eric Klingelhofer and Anna-Maria Hjaba Just in time for Halloween, Professor Eric Klingelhofer looks at and investigates the interesting North Cork town of Donerail and asks if it is the most haunted town in Ireland.  From animal apparitions, lost souls, to a possible sighting of a Leprechaun, this book will leave you questioning what you see. Neither spiritualist nor ghost hunter, but rather Emeritus Professor …

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A Bowl of Irish Stew is getting attention

A Bowl of Irish Stew, the book published by Gary Rutherford, filled with wonderful stories is certainly getting a lot of attention across Ireland. Here is a great picture of Presidential Candidate Joan Freeman with Gary’s daughter holding a copy of the book. The book is available to buy on our online bookshop www.lettertecbooks.com and sales are progressing nicely. The book will be available from Amazon this weekend. Remember that proceeds from the sales will go to Pieta House, it …

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19 Randells Avenue

Title: 19 Randells Avenue Author: Jack Byrne Cover illustration: Seán Curran Author Portrait: Tony G Murray Photography, Naas Most inspiration for stories and books come from the author’s life and experiences, or through other books that they have read, this isn’t the case with Jack Byrne’s first book, 19 Randells Avenue. He was inspired by a very vivid dream that he had, unlike most of us who quickly forget the dreams we have, Jack quickly wrote down everything that he could …

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A Bowl of Irish Stew

Title: A Bowl of Irish Stew, stories Combined in a Meal for the Mind Author: Gary Rutherford and others Editor: Jack Hanna The first book of a new Irish series of short stories published here as a meal for the mind. Proceeds from the book will be given to Pieta House A Bowl of Irish stew was conceived and compiled by Gary Rutherford as a way to collect and publish donated stories, reflections and poems generating a sustainable funding source …

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Dublin, 1972

Glam rock on the airwaves…Skinheads clad in denim and Doc Martens…Muhammed Ali in Croke PArk…Drugs in abundance on street corners…Murder and mayhem only a stones throw away to the North…and Marty Curran and his little gang among it all in early 70s Dublin. Follow them over three weekends of that year through the eyes of 16 year old Marty, his mates, and their world of girlfriends, drink and drugs, braces and boots, two-tones and reggae, family and friends, football and…David …

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Ballinlough, A Personal Perspective on its History, Evolution and Development, Volume 1.

Ballinlough, A Personal Perspective on its History, Evolution and Development, Volume 1. By Dermot Morris What is most striking about this book, as clear from its title, is that during the course of the author’s research, he realised that he had gathered so much information, that he could not fit it all effectively into one single book. As a result, plans are already afoot for Volume 2 and the author is currently in the process of researching and writing for …

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Writers in Residence: Anne McSweeney

Anne McSweeney, a Cobh-Based Cork writer, has had many of her works published with us and we’re thrilled to work with her on a regular basis.

From short stories to local history, Anne puts her own spin on Cobh culture with a distinct voice and famous Corkonian lilt.

Here is some of the work we have published for Anne.

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