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Writing Poetry – 4 Ways to get Started

There is no one way to write poetry. The great thing about poetry is that it can come in all shapes, sizes and forms and helps us to question what those forms might be. But if you’re looking for some inspiration, here are some of our favourite ways to kick-start the poetry process. Capture a moment Sometimes people think on a large scale, but some of the most effective poetry captures a moment and harnesses the emotions for the audience to connect to. Try to work with emotion and metaphor […]

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Proof-Reading – Our Top 5 Tips

They say you are your own worst critic. And in some ways, that can be the case. However, sometimes editing your own work can be hard and you miss out on little details that can make or break your piece of writing. Here are some of our top tips for proof-reading: Print it People read differently on screen and on paper, so print out a copy of your writing. If you read aloud, your ear might catch errors that your eye may have missed. Homonyms Homonyms are words that share […]

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Crime Fiction – Make your Story Criminally Good

Sometimes, crime does pay. Sometimes the darker the narrative, the more juicy the plot, the more fun the crime novel can be. Writing is hard and finding your way through the words takes an immense amount of time, but with these tips, you might be able to help make your novel more about crime, and less of a punishment. Make it exciting The worst crime a writer can commit is to be boring. If a crime novel turns out to be boring there’s a very high chance it is because […]

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7 Writing Tips from Top Authors

Writing is all about inspiration. The biggest tip any writer can give is to read, write and rewrite, but here are a few more famous writing tips to get you in the mood to put pen to paper. “My first rule was given to me by TH White, author of The Sword in the Stone and other Arthurian fantasies and was: Read. Read everything you can lay hands on. I always advise people who want to write a fantasy or science fiction or romance to stop reading everything in those genres and […]

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Make an Impression – Writing your First Line

Writing your book is brave. Writing its first line is even braver. There is no other way to describe it. From the moment your audience opens your book, you need to hook them in and that can be daunting. This is your first opportunity to hook readers in. That’s why the first line of your book can be quintessential is making it a must read. Check out some of our favourite ways to capture your audience from the get go. To state a principle “It is a truth universally acknowledged, […]

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Marketing your Book – Our Top Tips

So you’ve published your book: now what? Here are some of our top  tips for marketing your book Find your audience While most authors think that everyone in the world will want to read their book, they are sorely mistaken. Reading preferences are completely subjective and one book might not be every person’s cup of tea. But if you focus on the demographic you are trying to get the book into the hands of those who would like to read it. .  If your book is about careers after college, you […]

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4 Great Writing Podcasts

You’ve got to love podcasts. They’re fun and accessible and cover a variety of topics–and best of all, they’re free. We’ve had a trawl of the internet and have found four great podcasts for all budding and experienced writers out there.  Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing . With helpful and insightful tips on grammar and storytelling, this podcast helps to improve your writing skills and grasp on grammar. Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach is a podcast designed to boost creativity and confidence in your […]

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Writing a Memoir – Things to Remember

Often, the most compelling ways to capture the importance of specific life event is through a memoir. It is a highly personal thing, to write a memoir. To invite readers into your life and let them experience what you did. Those who do so, and who get their work published, are among the bravest out there. When writing your memoir try to follow these tips to make it a compelling read for not only those who know you, but also those who will get to know you through your words. […]

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6 Simple Steps to Improve your Writing

Writing is hard work, but it is so worth it. Writing talent is like a muscle: it needs to be exercised frequently to be kept in tip-top shape. Here are 6 of our top tips to make your writing go from good to great. 1) Be Visual And Conversational Trying to make the reader “see” is a good goal and being concrete has huge effects. Trying to create an immersive world for your reader can be a long road, but ultimately a worthwhile one. For a reader to go from […]

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Book Launch: “Heaven on Earth An Inner Reality

Ambrose Doran is cycling over four hundred kilometres around Connacht to raise awareness on mental and emotional health, topics he deals with in his book “Heaven On Earth An Inner Reality”. What is it? He will be cycling through 30 towns and will be providing seven talks in seven weeks. Ambrose will show people how to heal from emotional turmoil such as anxiety, depression, worry, grief and fear through teaching effective techniques to deal with these negative thoughts and emotions. Ambrose will also explain how to remove the mental blocks to […]

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