Author Packages

Lettertec Publishing can offer authors the full self-publishing treatment. Our author consultant will work with an author, side by side, every step of the way to help you with your book.

author-packagesThere is a lot of work involved in publishing a book yourself and a lot of time is needed for it. That is why we have developed a new service for authors who have a manuscript, but want to develop it further.

With the Lettertec Publishing Service, we will get a highly accomplished author and promoter to work with you, side by side on your book as much or as little as you want.

From working on character development, cover design, media work all the way to organising a successful book launch, surrounded by your friends, family.

Our author consultant becomes your consultant and will ensure that your book becomes the best that it can possibly be. This new, bespoke publishing service will make sure that your book is of the highest quality.